artistic direction

Andrea Cavallari


Born in the United States of America, Cavallari lived mainly in Italy, where he studied piano and composition graduating at the Music Conservatory of Ferrara. He attended postgraduate courses with Franco Donatoni. His compositions have been performed in major cities in Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Switzerland, England and the United States and in important festivals such as the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Documenta in Kassel, Ninety-seven Festival in Cincinnati (Ohio), Jornadas de Musica del Siglo XX in Segovia, at the Royal Festival Hall in London . In autumn 1999 some of his works are presented at the biennale of art N.E.W.S. in Poland. In January 1999 and June 2000 he was invited to hold lectures and concerts at New York University and the University of Massachusetts. Since 1997 Andrea Cavallari is a composer in residence at the Kammeroper in Frankfurt, for which he has written 3 operas. He recorded CD with Rivoalto and Capstone (New York). Since 1996 Andrea Cavallari is artistic director of Accademia San Felice Ltd (London); In 1999 he was artistic director of the Fiesolana Summer Festival. From 2002 to 2013 he was the artistic director of the festival FOG. From 2003 to 2011 he was artistic director of the Festival of Sacred Music from the World of Florence. In 2008 he founded the ensemble FLAME | Florence Art Music Experience, with whom she is making an annual review entirely aimed at contemporary music at the Bargello National Museum in Florence. From 2013 she is artistic director of the London Contemporary Music Festival LEF - London Ear Festival. In the framework of the festival management, Andrea Cavallari has twenty years of experience in the field: he founded and / or co-founded the following festivals, associations and exhibitions: MUSIC SACRA World Week (2003-2011), FLAMEnsemble (from 2008 to (1993-1999), ASF London (from 1996 to present GB), Provence Festival (1993), Sophia's Music Festival (1994), Academy of Music (1994), Accademia San Felice From 2002 to today, France); He has collaborated with Fez Festival (Morocco) Edinburgh Festival, Fringe Festival, Armunia Festival, Versilian Festival, Summer Fiesolana, etc; He has created cross-over projects between contemporary figurative and contemporary music, collaborating with Kunst Academie Köln, Documenta Kassel, Baltic Art Festival (Poland); Has managed the Theater of Osimo for two seasons; He has collaborated with Massachusetts University and currently collaborates actively with New York University; He has been a member of the Board of Directors of EAYO (European Association of Youth Orchestras - Amsterdam), WAFO (World Federation of Amateur Orchestras - Tokyo) for 3 years. Since 2013 he has been a member of the jury for the LEF composition contest in London. He was a jury member in 2016 at the RAM of London and at the Spring Festival in Weimar.
The music of Cavallari is published by Verlag Neue Musik (Berlin).

He is also very active in contemporary visual arts with important collaborations with William Kentridge, Alfredo Pirri, Jannis Kounellis, Erwin Wurm, etc. For which he has attended the Bargello Museum, the Museum of the Twentieth Century, the Berengo Foundation and productions abroad (NYC, London, Frankfurt). He has held collective exhibitions in London (Cello Factory Gallery [from 2013 to 2016], The Other Art Fair [2015 and 2016]), Singapore [January 2015] and Paris [July 2016]. He currently lives and works between Florence, Tokyo and London.

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