19 September 9pm

Via del Proconsolo 4, firenze


Emergin Composers


FLAME | Florence Art Music Experience


FLAME | Florence Art Music Experience is an association formed by musicians, composers, visual artists, poets and writers who share an interest and knowledge in the arts and music focusing primarily on the production of the last half century. FLAME was founded with the belief that the best classical musicians can reveal a new poetic legacy and be able to carry the audience in their performances, becoming true masters of dialogue with the public. In the past, the group has presented extensive and detailed monographic exhibitions dedicated to Elliott Carter, Gyorgy Kurtag, Gyorgy Ligety, Salvatore Sciarrino, Klaus Huber, Alberto Savino, John Cage, Henri Pousseur, Franco Donatoni, Mauricio Kagel, Sofia Gubaidulina, Brian Ferneyhough, Luciano Berio, etc..
The avant-garde and experimentation are the natural field of action from which to proceed to the discovery of a precious musical language, which branches out from our recent past to touch our feelings in the present. The FLAME project also contributed to visual artists, actors, artists, writers, and other "creative" giving rise to new artistic experiences, united in a common language of experimental research. FLAME is organizing a contemporary music festival that takes place every year in one of the most important museums in Italy, the Bargello Museum in Florence, and a similar project in the UK, The London Festival was in London. It also runs an ensemble also recognized in Europe as one of the leading groups of Italian contemporary music. FLAME commissioned new works each year to composers and produces various projects cross-over, multi-media events, shows interdisciplinary electro-acoustic. It also organizes master classes, workshops and seminars on contemporary music. FLAME regularly invites internationally renowned soloists to work with the ensemble.