"10 Gurken" by ERWIN WURM

Erwin Wurm has created a limited series of his "Gurken" in occasion of the FIRENZE SUONA CONTEMPORANEA festival.


The festival will host a world premiere by Erwin Wurm: Fallen Falls, 2016. Video concert with live music performed by prestigious ensemble Klangforum Wien.

For this occasion Erwin Wurm has created a unique and limited series of 10 pieces, the "Gurken" (cucumbers), exclusively for the supporters of the Festival, which will be offered to the same basic sponsorship lot of last year. Therefore, in addition to the already highly visible traditional and web printing via the communication of the Festival, which will add a massive presence on all corporate communication channels, supporters of the Festival will have a work authenticated and certified by the great artist Austrian.

For more information contact the festival (tel. +39 055 611 299).