It is always under the twin frame of the ancient and contemporary, that the festival has invited the Finnish Helsinki Chamber Choir Ensemble to perform in the Church of Santa Maria a Settignano on Sunday 1 October at 9 pm the madrigals of Carlo Gesualdo from Venosa, Salvatore Sciarrino and Claudio Ambrosini.
The vocal ensemble was founded in 1962 as the choir of Finnish Radio, and has assumed its current name in 2005. It is the only professional chamber choir in Finland and, in addition to the classical repertoire, boasts 50 first solo performances only in the period that Goes from 2005 to today, as well as prestigious recordings.


Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa Io parto
Claudio Ambrosini Acrobata
Salvatore Sciarrino Ecco mormorar l'onde
Salvatore Sciarrino Rosso, così rosso
Salvatore Sciarrino O lodola
Salvatore Sciarrino Sole alto
Andrea Cavallari Magnificat I

Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa Moro, lasso, al mio duolo
Claudio Ambrosini La pupara
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa Tu piangi
Claudio Ambrosini Soliloquy
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa Quando ridente e bella

direttore Nils Derek Schweckendiek