Umberto Galimberti


"Beauty: secret law of life"

Umberto Galimberti, has been ordinary professor of history of philosophy, general psychology and dynamic psychology at the University of Venice. He is an ordinary member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology. He has collaborated with Il Sole 24 Ore from 1986 to 1995, and since 1995 he has collaborated with La Repubblica. Among his most significant publications, all edited by Feltrinelli, we recall: Western Sunset in Heidegger and Jaspers (1975-1984), Psychiatry and Phenomenology (1979), The Body (1983), Misconceptions of the Soul 1987), psyche and techne. The Man in the Age of Technique (1999), The Deathly Hallows and New Vices (2003), The Things of Love (2004), The House of Psyche. From psychoanalysis to philosophical practice (2005). The disturbing guest. Nihilism and youth (2007), The myths of our time (2009), Christianity, religion from the sky (2012), He is also the only author of the Dictionary of Psychology (Utet, 1992), and expanded and updated Garzanti 1999). The whole of his work is republishing in the Universal Economic Feltrinelli, some of which are translated into French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Slovenian, Czech, Greek and Japanese.