Tomás Luis DE VICTORIA (1548-1611)        
Incipit Oratio Jeremiae Prophetae

Tomás Luis DE VICTORIA (1548-1611)       
Manum suam

Francisco GUERRERO (1528–1599)           
Hei Mihi, Domine

Tomás Luis DE VICTORIA (1548-1611)      
Ego Vir Videns Paupertatem Meam

Carlo GESULADO  (1566–1613)              
Tenebrae Factae Sunt


Henrik ØDEGAARD (1955)
O magnum mysterium

MANCHICOURT (1510–1564)
Laudate Dominum

Heinrich SCHUTZ (1585–1672)
O, Lieber Herre Gott

Lasse THORESEN (1949)
Solbøn, fra Op. 42

Frank HARVØY  (1969) 
Bysjan, bysjan lite bån


Nordic Voices’ program concepts always revolve around themes, for example, historical figures or textual links; bringing the music to life in sometimes unexpected ways. The first part of this concert conveys a message about the timelessness of mankind´s fatal tendency to create and sustain conflicts in the world. The Lamentations are text with an eerie sens of actuality even today, and it is a fact that is difficult to ignore when working with this musical material. They move us today, just as they  must have moved the composers of sixteen-century Europe. In the light of history, the texts say a lot about conflicts which also affect those who live in quieter parts of the world. The scale of human suffering in Jerusalem and the surrounding regions has been enormous, whichever side of the conflict is being described. Those who suffer most are the innocent who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, children in particular.