In collaborazione con la Fundación Mateo Vilagrasa e Accademia San Felice Ltd (London)


Die Winterreise

Die Winterreise ("The Winter´s Journey") by Franz Schubert and a composition by Andrea Cavallari within an installation by Mateo Vilagrasa and directed by Rainer Pudenz.

This song cycle by Franz Schubert, this key piece of the German romantic period will combine with a composition of the Italian composer Andrea Cavallari within an installation from Spanish painter Mateo Vilagrasa. Different worlds meet and communicate with eachother, they recognize eachother and merge in a new extraordinary view of a very well-known and fascinating piece of art and theme. Different worlds, times, views and opinions about love and life shown in a new and lively insight into the modern way of dealing with these romantic and actual themes.

The installation "Die Winterreise" is made of 380 boxes, each consisting of a female torso, which is shown from two sides. The new composition will create a contrast to the composition of Franz Schubert in the themes of love, lonelyness and loss. A conversation, a theme valid across the generations. However, the common aspects are always near at hand. These are timeless themes, which must be contemplated differently since the circumstances change.

The installation will be played from two sides, back and front, the audience visits two theatres and two worlds. "Die Winterreise" as well as the composition from Andrea Cavallari will be directed by Rainer Pudenz, costumes created by Margarete Berghoff.

A truly European project and not only because it will be performed in Barcelona, Florence and Frankfurt am Main.

Intervallo dopo la Canzone 13 - fine dell’esecuzione 22:15


Ringraziamo l'Ufficio di Scienza e delle Arti della città di Francoforte, la casa editrice e tipografia Otto Lembeck, sistemi Ingplan Ingenieurplanung HVAC, in ordine Prof. Dr. Peter, Dolce e Lauda, Peter Zizka, il Teatro Willy Praml, il Giardino delle Palme, il Mousonturm e gli Amici della Camera all'Opera di Francoforte per il loro gentile e diponibile supporto.