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Shadows from the Missing Centre (parte 1)
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Trash TV Trance

Lucia D’ERRICO                      
Shadows from the Missing Centre (parte 2)
A Michelangelo
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Madonna il poco dolce

Lucia D'Errico | guitars, live electronics e samples

The project Shadows from the Missing Centre is thought as a series of anamorphic glances at a sound object coming from the early Baroque. The original piece is not reproduced – what would be the task of traditional music performers; it is the generator of an impingement that, acting on the musical interiority of the performer by means of total exteriority, raises to a dimension of autonomy from both piece and musician. The result is the sonic delineation of the potentialized encounter between work and performer: “an excluded middle, prior to the distinction between activity and passivity: affect” (Massumi). Part of a larger doctoral project, the performance is aimed at proposing a new figure of musical performer that escapes the position of redundancy engendered by the traditional identitarian relationship between work and interpreter.


Lucia D’Errico is an artist devoted to experimental music, performing on acoustic and electric guitar, bass guitar, oud, and several other plucked string instruments. As a performer and improviser, she collaborates with contemporary music groups, and with theatre, dance, and visual art companies (among which Laboratorio Novamusica Venice, Sentieri Selvaggi Milan, Kinkaleri Prato, Teatro di Dioniso Turin, a.o.). She studied classical guitar at Conservatorio B. Marcello of Venice, and Modern Languages at Università Ca’ Foscari of Venice.

Currently, she is working on a doctoral research (ME21 at Orpheus Institute Gent, docARTES programme at KU Leuven University) on recomposing Baroque music. She is also active as a freelance graphic designer.