Nyman's Earthquakes 

A video installation
world premiere

<<NYMAN’S EARTHQUAKES is a film, more or less started in the shadow of WAR WORK: 8 SONGS WITH FILM (2014-2018), in which I explore my relationships with a series of earthquakes in which I have been involved, in some way or another: as a TV spectator (Skopje, 1967 or Belice. 1968); or where friends might have been involved (Mexico City, 1985); where I was asked to write a soundtrack to a documentary (Armenia, 1968), or Eisenstein’s Oaxaca documentaries (1931). or where I produced a documentary (Kobe, 1995) or where I had organised concerts to raise money to help earthquake victims (Gujerat, 2004, Central Italy, 2016). 

Mexico City, 15 September 2017 was the first and only earthquake in which I had actually been forced to participate.
Diverse types of found, observed and newly-filmed material is combined with a  soundtrack of music which I composed and was also mostly connected with the earthquake events.>> (Michael Nyman)